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Retailer's FAQ

1. Where are the wholesale prices? I am not seeing them.
First, be sure you are logged in! Also be sure that you have been accepted as a retailer so that we can turn on the wholesale prices for you. If you have not received an e-mail from us confirming this (check your spam, too), you won't see the new prices. Also, if you fill up your cart and then log in, the prices will not adjust. 
Second, wholesale prices ONLY appear under the "Bulk Buys" section (under the Shop menu)

2. Is shipping extra?

No. We do not charge for shipping in the contiguous United States. All orders are shipped ground from Connecticut. 

3. How do you handle returns?

In the rare case that you have a customer return, please try to collect as much information as you can about why a product is being returned. Let us know with a quick phone call (860 235 4365) or email (liz@fatstonefarm.com) and we'll work out a credit for you.
In the case that your shipment is missing or damaged, please let us know as soon as possible and we will ship another one or credit your account. A photo of the damage is important. We will ask for one to support our claims process.

4. Can I pay on Net30 terms?

Yes! After your first order with us, we can set this up for you. Your first order needs to be paid for up front.

5. Why don't you provide dosages?

Great question! We sell this as a food item, not a supplement. Many retailers place our elderberry products in their wellness departments, others do not. Here is an article that explains why we don't provide dosages. 

Don't see your question or answer listed here? Give us a call, we love to talk to people: 860-434-1545