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Are Your Customer Reviews Real?

Posted by Liz Farrell on
Are Your Customer Reviews Real?

Someone asked me this the other day, after reading through our customer reviews, "You have great customer reviews. Are they real?" Yes, they are 'real.'

Every customer who purchases on our website receives a request to submit a review. After they submit a review, they receive a 10% coupon code. It doesn't matter what they write about, or how many stars they give us, everyone gets the coupon. 

In fact, there are several hundred MORE 5-star reviews that WE CANNOT PUBLISH! Unfortunately, when a customer mentions a health benefit (such as "after taking your elderberry apple shots, my allergies stopped"), the review cannot be published. The FDA considers anything on our website to be an "extension" of our product label. And a product label cannot promise a health benefit unless some serious science backs it up. The FDA considers these claims to be "health fraud." And that's another topic altogether!

So -- please believe the customer reviews -- they are all real.

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