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All year round since 2004, we -- Bill and Liz Farrell -- work the dirt at Fat Stone Farm in Lyme, Connecticut. Sure, it’s frozen dirt in the winter, but that’s the time for maple sugaring!

Our unique farm products are made with heritage New England ingredients, sometimes with an updated twist. If we can't grow it, we won't put it in our products. That's why we say "eat food from the dirt, not the lab".

We named our farm “Fat Stone” partly to poke fun at ourselves, partly to make people remember us, and partly to remind us to laugh sometimes! Liz drew the stone walls depicted on our labels from the walls we built on the property – entirely with our very own fat stones. Some of these walls are simply extensions of the old field walls built by previous farmers. Read about how the stones got here in the first place. 

Regenerative farming can improve ourselves and our communities

After starting our farm and growing our food for a few seasons, we felt better, stronger, and more resilient. We extend this commitment to you, our customers, by only growing and producing the best foods that we ourselves eat every day. We also make sure to leave this patch of land better than we found it. More topsoil, greater biodiversity, more sequestered carbon, a more resilient ecosystem. 

Small business -- Big commitment

During much of the year, there are 3 of us making, bottling, labelling, and sending farm products to you. Some months we are fortunate to spread the work out between more of us. Meet the crew:

 Liz. Grew up in Maryland, loves New England. You can find Liz at Farmer's Markets, shipping orders, planting, harvesting, bookkeeping, dreaming up new advertisements and email newsletters.

Dave. Grew up in Connecticut, is an expert tree feller and knows his way around just about any engine or machine. You can find Dave picking up sap (in February, sometimes March), bottling, planting, mowing, even labelling.

 Bill. Grew up in Connecticut, earned a Business Degree and knows his way around a P&L statement. You can find Bill at Farmer's Markets (sometimes), in the woods around Lyme (in the winter), and making deliveries all around Connecticut.

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