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Elderflower Soap

Gentle and effective, these handmade, natural, plant-based soaps contain elderberry seed oil and organic farm ingredients such as elderflower infusion or maple sap. About twice a year we update the scents and formulas.

Elderberry seeds are present in every elderberry, and contain over 20 different fatty acids. Most of their natural oils are unsaturated: alpha-linoleic, linoleic, and oleic, making for a rich cleansing bar.

Elderflowers have been used for centuries to improve skin, and they enrich our soap bars with their color (yellow from their pollen) and special cleansing ability. 

How we make it: after separating our elderberry seeds from our pressed elderberries, we cold press the seeds into oil. Each spring and summer, we harvest the most-scented blooms from our elderberry plants, and infuse them in distilled water. An expert local soapmaker then crafts the oil and infusion into cleansing bars with other time-tested, simple and natural ingredients.  

One of our testers raved "I've washed my hands about 10 times tonight and the elderberry soap doesn't get mushy like my other brand. We all love it!" Another one says she showers more often just to use our soap.

Bars are hand-cut and are approximately 4.5 ounces each. For external use only.