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Seven Years - Seven Products - Seven Jokes

Posted by Liz Farrell on
Seven Years - Seven Products - Seven Jokes

In June 2021, we are 7 years old! 

The first thing we made here was organic maple syrup, and sold it at the local Farmer's Market. We didn't even have our own booth. This photo shows a fellow farmer Michael, selling our syrup, along with Liz and Jonathan and Colin:

Joke #1 -- When I looked up my family tree, I found out I was the sap.

Seven years later, we have created 7 products! Have you tried them all?

1. Organic Maple Syrup

2. Elderberry Apple Shots

3. Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, with Ginger and Turmeric

4. Elderberry Soap

5. Raw USA Honey

6. Apple Ginger Syrup

7. Elderberry Gummy Kits

Joke #2 -- Why do some berry bushes get senior citizen discounts at the local museums? Because they are elder-berry bushes.

All of our farm products are based on heritage recipes and knowledge, sometimes with an updated twist. The Gummy Kits are the most "trendy" of all of them, and even those are quite straight-forward -- only 4 ingredients. You  might know that the native Americans made maple syrup, but more surprising is how old apple syrup is. We found the method for making apple syrup in a 1914 publication by the (now-known) USDA. We use it in our Elderberry Apple Shots and in our Apple Ginger Syrup.

Joke #3 -- If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, what does an onion a day do? Keeps everyone away.

An keep your eyes peeled in the coming year for new products -- one which does include some onions. We are closer to our long-term goal of being a one-stop website where customers can find farm-made pantry items, healthy treats, syrups and honeys, and great service.

Joke #4 -- What do honey bees comb their hair with? Honeycomb. 

The 2020 pandemic/lock downs really got our juices flowing, as the country (panic-?) bought supplements and Elderberry Apple Shots in large quantities, only to pull back in 2021. I reflect on our own family, and how we over-bought flour. We haven't bought flour now in over a year, and we still have quite a bit to finish up before we buy any more.

Joke #5 -- Don't worry, I won't make a joke about bread. It's the yeast I can do.

And before you run as fast as you can away from my terrible jokes, why not sign up for our newsletter so you can get all our sales and coupon notices? Just type in your email into the box here, and I promise no jokes in the newsletters:

Joke #6 -- (this is a copied image from the internet, so it may disappear in a few months. It's a police officer looking down on a small kiddie car with two toddlers in it. His car is behind, lights flashing. He says "Ma'am, how many juice boxes have you had tonight?")

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 50 Pics

We are launching Elderberry Juice soon -- our 8th Product!! This juice is as close as you can get to picking elderberries off the bush and eating them. Be warned -- this is not a sweet juice like grape juice or apple juice. Elderberries are naturally bitter. We love it best added to other, more sweet beverages, although Bill can drink it with plain water. If Elderberry Apple Shots is too sweet for your palate, then Elderberry Juice is a must-have for you. The juice is shelf-stable for two years, but we recommend consuming it within 30 days once you open a bottle.

Joke #7 -- How do you make "seven" an even number? Take the "s" out.

Thank you for reading this entire blog post -- we look forward to keeping you amused, supplied with great farm products, and healthy for the next 7 years!


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