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Grape Ginger Elderberry-ade

Posted by Elizabeth Farrell on
elderberry recipes

By Fat Stone Farm

Put together:
1 cup grape juice, dilute with water if too sweet
1/8 cup ginger tea, or several ginger ice cubes
1 to 2 tablespoons of Elderberry Apple Shots

Try to grow this recipe, it will take some planning on your part, if you don’t have a garden. The hardest part is growing it. Grapes, elderberries, and apples can be found at nurseries. Ginger can be found at hawaiianorganicginger.com. You can juice your grapes and elderberries with cheesecloth or a strainer, but you’ll need stronger equipment to juice your apples. Also, make sure your elderberries are 100% ripe, and no stems remain on the berries. Not all types of elderberries are edible. Check with a reputable nursery. Ginger tea is shredded, steeped and strained ginger. Pour the tea into ice cube trays to make the ice cubes. 

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