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Organic Turmeric Roots - Care, Use, and Benefits

Thanks for purchasing Fat Stone Farm's Certified Organic fresh turmeric roots.

You may have one of two varieties, or both. One is more orange in color, the other more yellow in color. Both were started from roots grown organically in Hawai'i.

Turmeric roots will grow in non-tropical climates with some protection from cold temperatures. This is great news, as some turmeric from overseas is contaminated with lead (farmers add lead to intensify the color).

We grow our turmeric organically, and have done so for about 12 years.

Turmeric Health Benefits

The active compound in turmeric is called curcumin, an anti-inflammatory. A quick internet search will yield an impressive list of curcumin's health benefits. Turmeric also contains antioxidants, and has been used in Asian countries for 4,000 years to treat a variety of ailments.

Our bodies take up the curcumin compounds more easily when turmeric is combined with fats (such as coconut milk in a golden latte or a curry dish), black pepper, and when exposed to a low amount of heat for less than 15 minutes.

Rabbits can be fed fresh turmeric too!


Using Turmeric

Turmeric has been used for centuries in pickles, mustards, curry powders, and sauces. It has a strong yellow color which stains hands, cutting boards, kitchen appliances, and clothing. I don't mind because it eventually washes out of everything except some types of plastic.

- Add a thin slice of turmeric to rice as it's cooking

- Juice it with carrots, apples, and ginger. Just a small piece.

- Grate fresh turmeric and use in place of dried, ground turmeric. Use about twice the amount of fresh to get the same flavor.

- Slice it and dry it in a home dehydrator. When properly dried and stored in an airtight container, it will last for years. You can add a slice of dried turmeric to rice, to homemade pickle brine, or grind them up in a spice grinder for use in recipes.

- If you ferment your own cabbage or root vegetables, try adding a stick or two of turmeric.

- Add a slice or two to hot water, add honey and lemon, for a medicinal infusion. Turmeric pairs well with ginger and apple flavors.

When It Arrives

Open the box and determine if you will consume it within 2 weeks or not.

If you will likely consume it within 2 weeks, place it on your counter in a brown bag, or even in an open bowl. The skins will become more papery and the internal color will intensify over time. Eventually it will shrivel though. It rarely molds up or attracts fruit flies.

If you will take longer than 2 weeks to consume it, place the roots in an airtight bag and freeze it. You may want to break it into slightly smaller pieces prior to freezing. Clean any dirt which may be lodged in between the "fingers." You can store it in the freezer indefinitely.

Do not store your turmeric roots in the refrigerator. They will mold up in the humid environment.