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Our Ingredients - Apples

Knowing our ingredients is our #1 priority. While we strive to source everything from Fat Stone Farm, we aren’t there - yet.

Our original Elderberry Apple Shots is made with apples from a family orchard down the road. They make award-winning cider and are 6th generation apple growers. We test the apple syrup at considerable expense to be 100% sure you are getting a wholesome product. The apples are non-GMO and grown under an Integrated Pest Management protocol. We combined these apples with elderberries grown by a small farmer in the mid-West who grows beautiful, dark purple plump berries and is transitioning to Certified Organic status. These Shots are available in the 4-pack and case sizes and we call them "transitional" or "organically-grown."

Our next-gen Elderberry Apple Shots features the same local apples, along with Certified Organic elderberries grown in the mid West. As we plant out our elderberry fields, we work to continually increase our own share of the Certified Organic elderberry portion. These Shots are available in the single bottle, 2-pack, 3-pack plus mini, and case of 12 sizes. They are also in all the Gummy Kit options. They are a bit more expensive than the "organically-grown".

We have now sourced Certified Organic apples. While we we don’t know these farmers, we do understand the Certified Organic seal (we apply annually for our own Certified Organic maple syrup and fruits and veggies) and the benefits it provides customers who don’t (or can’t) know their farmers -- apples which are grown to respect the soil, the environment, and human physiology. These Shots are available in the single bottle, 2-pack, and case of 12 sizes. Be sure to click on the drop down menu under the price to see the Organic Apples option.

We personally consume all variations of Elderberry Apple Shots - our whole family, all year round. We (Liz and Bill Farrell) have never contracted out any part of the creation of the Shots except for pressing the apples. We make everything on our small farm in the hills of Connecticut. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions.

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