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A Ladies Primer to Working a Rig

Posted by Elizabeth Farrell on
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Rig as in not a large truck, but a maple syrup evaporator.

Imagine your oven, 1000° or so, 3 giant pans of liquid, and a feeder tank to watch. Then, manually operate the oven, don't burn anything, and stop in time for the feeder tank to finish -- too early and the liquid goes bad, too late and the syrup is burned. Oh, also watch that it doesn't boil or foam up over the tops of the pans.

This goes on for hours but here's the upside: lots of fresh <a href="http://www.fat-stone-farm.com/collections/maple/products/maple-syrup"maple syrup</a>. 

I've read that WOMEN were in charge of this operation (boiling) before Europeans came to New England. Obviously they didn't have stainless steel, reverse osmosis machines, or the Food and Drug Administration to worry about BUT.... I also suspect lots of women are working rigs RIGHT NOW all over North America.

Don't get me wrong, men are making great maple syrup, too. And I would have really struggled with the pipes, fittings, masonry, and electronic instruments. Some cabling, venting systems, and carpentry are necessary, too. It would've taken me many decades to get all of that right.

If you're still eating imitation maple syrup, try the real stuff, and remember the women of North America, loading the fire box and not burning the pans.

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