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Joe's Ginger Experiments

Posted by Admin FatStoneFarm on
elderberry recipes
The other month, Farmer Bill had the pleasure of meeting Joe, a former ginger taster, extractor, and world-wide quality control ginger expert for a large soft-drinks company.
Joe, after figuring out how to massively scale down from large, stainless, ga-jillion dollar equipment to common kitchen items, extracted our Certified Organic Baby Ginger, and tasted it. The extract would be just like the ginger flavors he used to taste for the soft-drinks company, thus comparing like for like.
We couldn't wait for the results!
"Wow!" he wrote to me "that is GOOD". As someone trying to coax a plant which is accustomed to tropical climes to grow in the vagaries of New England summer, that was a reassuring endorsement.
"It has that nice lemony taste, like zesting a lemon", he continued, but beware! It has a spicy kick that made all the capillaries in his ears dilate.
{I didn't even realize I HAVE capillaries in my ears}
Finally, "you have a first-class product", he concluded.
It's all in our Apple Ginger Syrup, although diluted enough to prevent aural dilation. Nor do we extract the flavor the same way as Joe did. We simply steep it in the apple syrup and remove it before bottling. We have shredded and steeped over 1/3 lb of Certified Organic Baby Ginger Root in EACH bottle. It's a great way to get more ginger in your day! And it's grown in the USA. {I'll stop rhyming now}

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