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Yum in the Greenhouse

Posted by Admin FatStoneFarm on
growing elderberries

Now the Greenhouse is living up to its name: Green!

We are producing lovely GREEN celery, a real boon in gray January. Even with ice on the windows (see next Blog post), it is at its peak of sweetness and tenderness.

Closer to the Colonial-American-kitchen-garden celery than the grocery store celery, it is also called Leaf Celery, or Smallage. If you live in Connecticut, and you are reading this in January or February, you can order it at ctffe.com.

William Woys Weaver mentions it in his spectacular book, "Heirloom Vegetable Gardening," Henry Holt & Co, 1997. I love the pale stalks to munch on, and the darker portions for soups. As soon as the weather gets warm, the flavor turns bitter, and they will start to bolt (produce seeds).

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