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The Ice on the Greenhouse

Posted by Admin FatStoneFarm on
maple syrup farm

Earlier this week the ice returned to the greenhouse glass windows. It makes some beautiful patterns, but it means the nights are below 20F. On a diversified farm like ours, this is a good thing.

A cold winter means better maple sap flow. Too cold means the peach trees might lose their blossoms. A snowy winter means the garden beds are protected from winds and freeze/thaw cycles. Too much snow and it's hard to tap the trees.

Everything in moderation, I can hear my parents saying now. Also with the holiday season. We wish you a wonderful, moderate holiday -- full of the things you love (family? friends? extra pie?) but not too full.

I've posted a semi-sweet treat to make for your kids or grandkids. Moderates the candy canes.

From our farm to yours, in good health.

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