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The Maple-est Decorations for Tree or Wreath

Posted by Liz Farrell on
The Maple-est Decorations for Tree or Wreath

Small, classy but not stuffy, colorful, interesting -- that's how we decorate our evergreens on the farm -- and here is an easy idea to add some Fat Stone Farm bling to your trees and wreaths this holiday. I think these cute bottles match almost any style, but they are small, classy but not stuffy, colorful AND interesting! And...... EDIBLE.

You will need:

1 x four-pack mini sampler

1 x roll of green floral wire



Cut a 7-8" length of floral wire for tree decorating, more for wreath decorating. I use scissors to cut the wire, but I believe florists would never use scissors - they have a better cutting tool. I suppose you would eventually ruin your scissors this way, so find a pair that aren't terribly important.

With one piece of wire, create a loop around the neck of each bottle, doubling the wire back on itself, and twisting it tight, close to the bottle neck. Then twist the loose ends onto a tree branch.

If you are creating a wreath, or just putting some mini bottles into a pre-bought wreath, attach the loose ends of the wire around the wreath frame, in between the evergreen branches.

*NOTE* The vinegar will expand and crack in freezing weather, but the other three (elderberry apple shots, maple syrup, and apple ginger syrup) can withstand temperatures as low as 0F without expanding and cracking.

You will probably have to purchase a lot more floral wire than is needed for this project, but floral wire will come in handy around the house for other things.

And no, I do not want you to go to Amazon to purchase the floral wire so I am not directing you there, nor getting any fees for directing you there. Thanks!

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