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What's the Difference between Juice and Shots?

Posted by Liz Farrell on
What's the Difference between Juice and Shots?

Let me dive right into that answer!

Elderberry Juice is pressed elderberries. We also add <1% of citric acid for shelf stability.

Elderberry Apple Shots are pressed elderberries and apple syrup. The apples add sweetness and balance to the naturally tart and slightly bitter elderberries.

Which one should I choose?

If you would grab unsweetened Cranberry Juice off the shelf, rather than the Cranberry Juice Cocktail, then our Elderberry Juice is for you!

If you prefer the low-sugar preserves and jams, rather than the fully sweetened ones, then Elderberry Juice is for you.

Or -- if you love mixing Elderberry with your cocktails and drinks, Elderberry Juice will give a more pure flavor and has more flexibility in mixing with other ingredients.

And lastly, if you really just want the dark-berry power of elderberries, then choose the juice because there's twice as much elderberry-power in the bottle.


On the other hand....

The apple syrup adds shelf-life and so the Elderberry Apple Shots can stay in the fridge after opening for a lot longer than the juice. Apples are naturally anti-microbial.

And apples add their own nutritional profile (like quercetin) to the Elderberry Apple Shots. They also add body and thickness to the juice and make it very easy to just take a swig or teaspoonful. 

Thanks for Considering

As always, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee, and welcome any questions through the "Contact Us" page. We look forward to shipping some great elderberry products to you!

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  • Mart Ann Blair on

    glad I found this elderberry juice at Fiddleheads in New London.

  • Liz Farrell on

    You are right Tovah! I was really torn on how to determine a serving size for the juice. The FDA says that 1/2 cup is a serving size for juice. There is no way someone can drink 1/2 cup of Elderberry Juice because it’s very intense. I chose 1/4 cup. Which is also a lot. It is double the elderberry of the Shots, so 1/4 cup of Elderberry Juice would give you the equivalent of 1/2 cup of Elderberry Apple Shots. That’s 1/2 of the Elderberry Apple Shots bottle. Anyway, what I’m saying is that 1/4 cup is a very large serving and that I was trying to stay in line somewhat with the FDA in choosing that. A teaspoon or 2 teaspoons is what I put in my water. Hope that helps!

  • Tovah D’Ambrosio on

    I saw the serving size is 1/4 cup with the elderberry juice. 4 servings per bottle. So $59 for 16 servings then. Am I calculating that correctly? That’s not many servings. I’m not criticizing merely watching the budget trying to stay healthy.
    Thank you for your assistance.
    Regards, Tovah!

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