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Where's The Elderberry?

Posted by Liz Farrell on
Where's The Elderberry?

If you became our customer because of our incredible "Elderberry Apple Shots", we thank you. We have all the original packages you rely on:

- Elderberry Apple Shots, 2 packs, 4 packs, cases of 12, and 1/2 gallon (67 fl oz) options. You can choose non GMO apples or organic apples in all of these packages.

- Elderberry Gummy Kits featuring our Shots, and 2 oz travel size Shots

And we've added more ways to get your daily elderberry -- Pure Organic Elderberry Juice, Purple Granny Elderberry Fire Cider, and coming soon, Organic Elderberry Spread. We've only raised prices once since 2017.

BUT -- we experienced a large market swing in 2020-2021 from barely being able to keep up with demand to, well, a slow trickle of Elderberry Apple Shots orders. Then we turned back to the richness of our farm, its soil, and the gift of Mother Earth providing for us. We expanded our growing spaces, planted new perennials, and signed up for lots of local Farmer's Markets. This is our core strength. It's how we started back in 2014. 

There is no doubt that elderberry is a miracle berry and will always be. It reached an awareness peak in 2020, and now it's back to its 2018 steady-state. If you notice that our newsletters, emails, and social media posts have broadened out to include other farm products, you are correct.

Everything we make follows our guiding principles. Straight-forward recipes, farm ingredients, minimal processing, organic, and delicious. We know you will love everything you purchase from us, including the one you come back to, our well-loved "Elderberry Apple Shots."


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  • Beth on

    You guys are THE BEST EVER! I came for a visit 4 yrs ago purchased apple shots went back to VA AND NOW in Florida and I’m STILL hooked on them! Thank you for such great products AND I’m praying for your success AND ability to get your products out to us!! Your product kept me very healthy, especially with the Rona debacle! You guys ROCK! BLESSINGS ALWAYS! I’m a senior citizen AND appreciate GREAT quality stuff THAT keeps me so healthy!!

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