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Elderberry Apple Smoothie

Posted by Elizabeth Farrell on
elderberry gummies recipe

Made Only with Farmer’s Market Stuff

1 tablespoon Elderberry Apple Shots

1 cup of strawberries (buy ahead and freeze)

1 organic banana (okay, not at the farmer’s market, substitute with apple sauce or yogurt)

1 cup of musk melon

1/3 cup of vegetables (I used, zucchini, kale, green beans. I puree the vegetables ahead of time and freeze them in cubes. I used 2 large cubes, it's easy and keeps the smoothie cold without adding ice)

1/2 cup of orange juice


Blend all ingredients and enjoy!

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  • Liz Farrell on

    This is actually a “stock” photo — I did not make these smoothies. I posted the photo when we first launched our site and we just weren’t that good at things yet, so I used a stock photo…. BUT — the smoothie recipe here makes a pinkish smoothie, and the recipe farther up called “Elderberry Apple Green Smoothie” features the actual photo of the recipe and it’s a lovely green one. Thanks for your comments!

  • Candii on

    I’d love to know what you used for each of the smoothies pictured.

  • Mary on

    This is a gorgeous presentation of smoothies.

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