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Elderberry Wigglers

Posted by Elizabeth Farrell on
elderberry gummies recipe

A fun, retro-ish dessert or snack you can eat with your fingers! Try variations once you get the hang of this recipe.


2 envelopes Fat Stone Farm kosher beef gelatin -- OR 4 T preferred gelatin

3 cups fruit juice or lemonade

1 cup cold Elderberry Apple Shots

2 T honey or maple syrup (amber), optional

Place 3 cups of juice (and optional honey) in a saucepan, start heating it on low-medium heat. About 3 minutes into the heating, pour the cold Elderberry Apple Shots into a separate large bowl or measuring cup. Sprinkle all the gelatin over it to soften, let the mixture stand, but do not stir. Each granule of gelatin should soak in to the liquid. It will look wrinkly.

Once the juice and honey mixture is almost boiling, add it to the cold Shots and gelatin, stirring constantly to dissolve the gelatin. Don't skimp on stirring or you'll end up with a leathery layer on the bottom! Once all the gelatin is dissolved, pour the mixture into a large dish and refrigerate overnight. With a sharp knife, cut the gelatin into blocks. Lift out of dish with a flat utensil, such as a spreader or narrow spatula. Serve cold.

Variations: add a Tablespoon of specialty vinegar or a few drops of edible essential oils right before pouring into your final dish. Replace some of the fruit juice for herbal, black, or green tea.

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