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Elderberry Apple Gummy Recipe -- Version 2 for Gummy Kits

Posted by Elizabeth Farrell on
maple syrup collection and elderberries healthy for kids

Elderberry Apple Gummy Treats

Congratulations! You are on your way to making a truly unforgettable treat using only 4 wholesome ingredients. If you bought our Elderberry Gummy Kit, you'll want to read about your ingredients here. Click here to see the recipe card included in the kits. A few notes before you get started:

1) these gummies will melt in extreme heat (don’t leave them in your car in the summer)

2) these are not a medicine or a supplement, nor is it "candy parading as a vitamin" (Read More)

3) don’t make more than will be consumed in three days, the gelatin gets tougher as they sit.

To make 15 gummies (one tray of the Gummy Kit)

In a small saucepan, pour ¼ cup of Elderberry Apple Shots (or ONE 60 ml “mini” bottle) and add 1 ice cube. Allow the cube to melt.

Slowly sprinkle 1 envelope of gelatin over the cold mixture. The gelatin will expand and “bloom” and take on a wrinkled appearance. Allow each granule to be soaked. Do not stir or the gelatin will clump. This takes a few minutes.

Turn the heat on under the saucepan, medium or medium-low. Allow the gelatin to dissolve. Stir as necessary. Use as little heat as possible to preserve the nutrients in the Elderberry Apple Shots. Stir in 2 T of maple syrup (1/2 of the 60ml bottle).

Transfer the mixture to a pouring container. Pour the gummy liquid into the molds, filling up to the top of each one.

The gummies will solidify in 10 minutes in the freezer, 30 minutes in the refrigerator, or 1 hour at a cool room temperature. Gently flex the molds to remove the gummies.

You may want to use a stiff piece of cardboard, a small tray, or a dinner plate to transfer the warm gummies into the fridge or freezer.

To make 30 or more gummies (two or more trays)

Follow the directions for 15 gummies (one tray), doubling or tripling as you desire. However, the gelatin does not need to be multiplied in the same ratio as the other ingredients. For a double recipe (2 trays), use ½ cup of Elderberry Apple Shots, 2 ice cubes, and 1 1/2 envelopes of gelatin. For a triple recipe (3 trays), use ¾ cup of Elderberry Apple Shots, 3 ice cubes, and 2 envelopes of gelatin.

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  • Liz Farrell on

    Wendi - Since this is a regular food item, we don’t have dosages. But if you want to follow the math from our Elderberry Apple Shots, and keep the 8,000 mg of elderberry per day (which is 1 T of the ‘shots’), then it would be 4 gummies a day. Or the whole tray ;) It’s really up to you.

  • Wendi Howard on

    Hi! Just curious how many gummies are recommended per day? It says one gummy per serving but not how many servings you could or should take. Thx.

  • Melanie on

    Can I use honey instead of maple syrup?
    Also.. how much gelatin is in each packet?

  • Liz Farrell on

    Dear Kandia, the gummies definitely won’t make it for 2 months. Because there are no preservatives or other ingredients that prolong shelf life (like sugar), they have a short shelf-life. The mini bottles of Elderberry Apple Shots are better to travel with (if you’re taking plane trips) than the gummies.

  • Kandia Tunney on

    Hi! So, we are leaving on Tuesday on a two month road trip… I had intended to make gummies thinking they would “travel” better than the liquid, but I just saw the note about only making a three day supply… what would you recommend at this point? Thanks so much, love your elderberry Apple shots!!! :D

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